The #playitsmart Initiative

I find inspiration in many places especially within our hemophilia community. We hear about struggles that we can all relate to and how so many in our community have overcome them. I love those stories and I hope through my endeavours in climbing the Seven Summits I can inspire someone to pursue their unimaginable goal, to overcome their obstacle, and create confidence in themselves. I want to have people ask themselves, “What’s my Everest?” and shoot for the unthinkable dream.

Through the #playitsmart initiative I want to share my experience on how to overcome mental and physical challenges. I want to encourage everyone to pursue their goals in a SMART way, one step at a time until they find their Everest. My journey is just one example of overcoming challenges. There are hundreds within the bleeding disorders community and I will be highlighting them in the future. But what about others struggling with chronic conditions? We aren’t alone with the struggles we share. I believe each person’s story gives a new opportunity to learn. For my first #playitsmart post, I want to share with you an incredible story of an inspiring woman - who - although lives with a very different condition, has overcome her physical and emotional barriers in much the same way I have and others have in the bleeding disorder community. Check back later this week for that post!