Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month

March was an incredibly special month for our community. This year Congress officially recognized March as Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month and the National Hemophilia Foundation kicked off the Red Tie Challenge to spread awareness. By wearing the red tie and posting and sharing photos they hoped to educate people about bleeding disorders including hemophilia.

To do our part for the Red Tie Challenge I decided to wear my red tie in one of my favorite places, the mountains! I hit up the slopes with my parents and we all decided to take turns rocking the red tie down the slopes! We had a blast and I'm sure we turned some heads with the tie flapping around our necks as we flew down the runs. It was an amazing day and I was happy to participate in the challenge.

The CEO of the National Hemophilia Foundation Val Bias said it best, "Since blood ties—embodied in the color red and the tie—are what bind our community together, the red tie is our new symbol. The color red also conveys strength, leadership, courage, determination and, above all, love—qualities and emotions that define our community." I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. As I have become more and more involved in this amazing community as see all those traits on a daily basis. It inspires me and has shaped me into the man I am today. 


In honor of Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month my family took part in the Red Tie Challenge on the slopes. Here is a video of my dad rocking the red tie!