Hemophilia Federation Annual Symposium

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the Hemophilia Federation of America's Symposium. Not only was this my first time to the meeting but my first time speaking in front of several hundred people! 

To be honest, public speaking is really nerve racking for me. It's gotten better over the past few years as I have been able to share my story more and more but in the minutes before I go on stage I still feel like I'm going to lose it.

This time was no different except for what happened on stage. I calmed down quickly and really felt the support in the room. It's probably partly because I'm getting more accustomed to it but also because the room is full of my family, the bleeding disorders family.  There is something indescribably special about.

During my talk I ask people to think about their goals and dreams, "What's your Everest?" I asked. Then everyone was told to write their goals on a piece of paper to remind them to take steps towards that goal. The next day a man came to me with his piece of paper, he wanted me to sign his goal. What I said connected with him and he wants to reach for his goal. It felt incredible and I hope that I inspired some others to do the same.

If you happened to be at my talk, thank you so so much for coming out and listening. I also want to thanks to everyone who took a minute to stop by that night or throughout the rest of the weekend to introduce themselves to me. It was great meeting so many new people and hearing all your stories!

What I truly love the most is connecting with friends I haven't seen in awhile, laughing, and being inspired all over again! HFA's theme was "Together We Are Resilient" and that was a repeating theme throughout the weekend. We all have a unique story but together we can overcome anything! Can't wait to go to my second HFA next year in Providence, Rhode Island!