First Hike in 3 weeks! Rainier here we come!

This past weekend was supposed to be filled with some major Mt. Rainier training but Mother Nature had others plans. Colorado was hit by a storm that dumped snow in the mountains and even some in Denver. Our plan was to climb a couloir, a steep narrow gully on a mountain, but with all the fresh snow, avalanche danger was a bit too high for us to feel comfortable. 

I was disappointed but it might have been a blessing in disguise. My leg wasn't ready for a big climb. I just started walking comfortably earlier in the week so pushing it now could've been bad. Instead of our big climb I was determined to at least get outside. Despite some very wet snow coming down we had a great hike at Lost Creek. 

It's amazing what being in nature does for me. Although I was slow and hesitant with my movement I was excited to be outside in nature and even more determined to get my leg healed and ready to do more! I'm hoping to get some more hikes in this week and I look forward to sharing it with you all soon!

On Saturday I was able to hike for the first time since my hamstring injury and bleed. It was an easy hike which was a great starting point for healing my leg. This hike was not only a great place to start to improve my physical health but also mentally.