We're All On A Quest 

Giving back to the community and supporting programs that help others with bleeding disorders is incredibly important to me. There are so many amazing organizations out there with incredible missions and goals that I believe in and love working with.

Save One Life

Save One Life is an international nonprofit that aids those with hemophilia in developing countries. They offer many programs, but the main focus is to provide monthly sponsorships to individuals suffering from hemophilia and who live in extreme poverty. Sponsorships can be used in many different ways with the goal to make a positive impact on recipients lives. Save One Life also provides scholarships to help continue the educational careers of recipients, Micro-Enterprise Grants to help them create small businesses and sustainable lives, and funding for children’s camps.

I’m proud to also say that I serve on the board of directors of this organization and that many of my climbs function as fundraisers. As of March 2015, I have raised $45,000 for the organization through my mountain climbs and hope to raise over $100,000 by the end of 2017.

Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation:

The Colorado Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation (CONHF) is my local hemophilia chapter. I love being part of this community. The director of the chapter, Amy Board, was the first person that got me involved in my local community and has been an amazing influence and friend within my journey as a person with hemophilia. I experienced camp for the first time when I was seven and after a 12 year hiatus have since enjoyed working as a guide, camp counselor and mentor for the younger generation throughout the week.

During my time as a board member at CONHF, I also co-founded the program Backpacks and Bleeders in our community. This program educates our entire community on how to enjoy the outdoors and explore our incredible surroundings in a smart and positive way. My favorite program is our 14er climb, a 14,000ft mountain, here in Colorado. It’s amazing to see our community members complete such a difficult task and watch their sense of accomplishment unfold at the summit.

Alaska Hemophilia Association

Alaska is an incredibly special place for me. Climbing Denali in 2014 was the hardest and most memorable experience of my climbing life. After the mountain summit Denali, I was able to be a counselor at the Alaska Hemophilia Association's camp. The camp is an amazing place where kids become empowered with their hemophilia. It fun to see how the kids grow so much over such a short time and how we as counselor can shape that journey, I been fortunate to be invited back and look forward to it every year. The Alaska Hemophilia Community has always been so welcoming and I feel like they are my second hemophilia family.



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