Chris Bombardier

I was diagnosed with severe hemophilia B at birth, with a known family history of the disorder. My family got me involved with the local hemophilia treatment center very early on and despite being given a bleak outlook on life, I was able to be involved in many normal childhood activities. My mom started me in t-ball, swimming lessons, and I basically lived on my bike. From t-ball I grew an undeniable love for baseball. I played in high school and eventually college. I was one of the lucky ones with hemophilia, I never had any joint bleeds nor any inhibitors. Despite being lucky in these aspects, life wasn’t easy or normal. I hid my hemophilia for a very long time thinking that it made me different from everyone else, and somehow less capable. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Because I’ve been so lucky in life, I want to give back in a way that others with my condition can’t. I want to bring awareness to those less fortunate than I. I had the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro in Kenya in 2011, raising money for individuals with hemophilia in developing countries. While in Kenya, I set up a laboratory for the purpose of diagnosing people with hemophilia. It was there in that small town that I realized just how lucky I am and how much I want to help these people.

Chris BombardierIt occurred to me that I might be able to climb all seven summits in an attempt to bring even more awareness to the public, and perhaps with awareness will come education and compassion. I have now been able to climb two more of the seven summit; Aconcagua, South America's highest peak and Mt. Elbrus, Europes highest peak. Over the next several years I will attempt to finish my quest for the seven summits, the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents. With each climb I will visit locals with hemophilia and share their lives and experiences with you. At the same time I hope to share my experiences with hemophilia, and maybe give some hope to those who have so little.

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