“Whatever your excuse is, it's Time to stop believing it!”

Hemophilia has always seemed to be the story of suffering. Our history books are dotted with stories of death and suffering in ancient texts and royal families. Hope seemed to be on the horizon for our community with the development of new medicine only to be infected by viruses that would add another chapter of struggle. Throughout these struggles, we have always hoped to live fantastic lives, following our dreams and aspirations with hemophilia as a secondary thought. As treatments begins to live up to that potential, the hope should return.

As a community we are capable of more than imaginable and instead of using hemophilia as an excuse for why we can’t, we should start to figure how we can. Through the #playitsmart initiative I want to highlight this attitude. I want to share my personal journey towards my goal of the Seven Summits, and how I changed my attitude from can’t to can, how I adapted my training to fit my body, how I overcame unknowns with my hemophilia, and how I educated myself to chase this dream in a smart way. I hope through this initiative I can inspire others to #playitsmart and chase farfetched dreams and find a passion for life.

Because I'm not the only person playing it smart, I’m going to share the stories of more amazing individuals. Many will be from the hemophilia realm, but our struggles are very similar to many other chronic conditions. These individuals will reinforce the notion that if you #playitsmart, find a passion and work hard for it, you too can accomplish the unthinkable.  There are numerous examples of people overcoming insurmountable obstacles. Know that you aren’t alone. We have a huge community to help you find your passion and to #playitsmart!

If you know anyone that epitomizes #playitsmart let me know! We are always looking for stories to share and people that inspire. Also, send us a picture of you with #playitsmart and we’ll highlight it on my Facebook page and give you a shout out!!




The videos below are the most recent in the #playitsmart video series.